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Words Matter
Questions Reveal
Incremental Value Established

"The Art of Asking Great Questions"


The World Over...despite cultural subtlety & nuance, the profession of selling is amazingly similar. There are critical answers that must be revealed, analyzed, prioritized and then converted to value.  This value proposition needs to be crafted through carefully chosen questions and using words that align to the Buyer's needs & strategy, then structured with fore-thought, intent, and purpose. This approach serves to create a  unique and differentiated offering. 

The Buyer is ultimately drawn into critical thinking!

However, critical thinking is not driven by the answers...

 Ask Yourself This Simple Question ! 

What is the most Over-looked & under-developed
sales skill in all of B2B Selling?





And When Utilized Effectively, It Has A Rippling Effect Across Every Aspect of B2B  Selling 

question mark ripple_edited_edited_edite


Account Management

Executive  Access

Customer Service

Value Propositions

Culture &

Opportunity Management

Sales Enablement


Competitive Differentiation

Deal Qualification


Sales Methodology

Sales Process

Excessive Discounting

   Accurate Forecasts

 Mgmt Training

 Inside           Sales


It's the ONLY SALES SKILL that has the ability

to increase the effectiveness of every aspect of B2B Selling

      It's The Skill of Asking Intentful - Purposeful - Thought-provoking Questions ! 

                        "As a rising tide lifts all boats, so too, do great questions elevate every function of professional selling" 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    B Knight 2018


Major Trends That Are Reshaping Buyer-Seller Relationships


    2Question, LLC. recognizes the evolving transitions taking place across many industries that are impacting traditional Buyer-Seller relationships. B2B buying behavior has grown even more unpredictable over the last couple of years with COVID-19 and market volatility.


To support this shift to multi-experience buying, sellers will need additional skills and technology capabilities. Gartner research found that customers are more than halfway, 57%, through the purchase process before they have the first meaningful contact with a seller. 


More research from Gartner shows a growing trend in the customer buying journey. Gartner’s research found that when considering a purchase, B2B buyers only spend 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers. Instead, they’re spending 27% of their time researching independently online. 


"We are witnessing a decided end to the era where sales reps were the channel; now they are merely a channel to customers. Sales leaders reluctant to acknowledge customers’ digital-first proclivities will be outpaced by competitors delivering significant value through digital and omnichannel sales models, engaging customers in digitally rich learning and discovery."  Gartner Quote

    What Does 2Question Bring To The Sales Organization ?

We teach how to create a more equitable revenue dispersion across the Sales Organization by increasing sales for Individual Sellers, and not just the 20% of Sellers that close 80% of the business. Additionally, we help address the selling skills required to address the Personal to Digital shift currently taking place. 

Consider again, the water question mark and its' "Rippling Effect" across the entire organization. We encourage all individuals who interact with Customers & prospective Customers to participate. This holistic approach to training and enablement creates an ownership of brand, competitive advantage, and customer retention.

  Be curious & ask yourself... which side (Buyer or Seller) do you believe invests the most research during a sales campaign? What are the various impacts that has on the eventual outcome for both Buyer & Seller?,3.2.22.png

Technical Innovation vs Person To Person Innovation

   It's no secret that all companies thrive on innovation. They thrive on creating it and they thrive on acquiring it.  Even sales training and sales enablement organizations are eager to find ways of being more innovative.  However, the greatest gains may not necessarily be found in technologies or applications. While technology benefits are valuable, they don't create innovation at the most critical intersection...   

                                       "The Human To Human Connection"     


Today's questions should be...

  "So, if technology or application doesn't help with more effective communication, then what does?" 

"Where is the innovation for the connection between real people, the innovation

for more effective verbal communications between Buyer & Seller?"

So how do Sellers differentiate themselves from the masses of mediocre conversations ?

Simple, it's conversations that focus on "solving Buyer issues versus selling Buyer a product

 Answer: It's The Questions We Ask... questions that are thought-provoking, that show empathy, that foreshadow understanding, that extend the thought process, that create new thoughts, that stir the imagination, that suggest the Buyer is speaking with a relevant salesperson, that smack of genuineness and authenticity, that let a Buyer know this will be different from the last 4 conversations they experienced.

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