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 Over the last 25 years, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with some of the world's most successful sales organizations, including Customers like Aristocrat, Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft and SolidWORKS, along with teaching in the  International B2B  Program at ESADE University  in Barcelona, Spain. 


We have Taught-Trained-Coached in a variety of industries, ranging from small to global enterprise companies, with operations throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, India, Africa, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, S. Korea and the United Arab Emirates.  In addition to teaching advanced questioning, additional teaching has focused on a broad range of disciplines; Opportunity & Account Management, Territory Planning, strong emphasis on Negotiations, Sales Process, Talent Management, Inside Sales, and Management Development.

- International - 

Guest Professor For Delivering B2B Management Program
To Executives At Esade Business & Law School, Barcelona Spain
(#4 in EUR)
  2017, 2018, 2019, 2020* 2021* (*Conducted Virtually)
       Expertise -- Global Experience -- Listener -- Passion For Improvement -- Unbridled Enthusiasm -- Teacher -- Author

Typical Attendee come from around the World with profiles ranging from: Business Owners, CEOs, MDs, Startup/Scaleup Founders, VP Sales, and Reps of B2B companies  willing to transform their organizations to produce better, more predictable, and scalable businesses. 

Dassault Systemes/SOLIDWORKS WORLD 
Guest Speaker To World Wide VAR's
2018 - 2019 - 2020 - *2021 -*2022


A Combined Program

Advanced Questioning + Negotiations 

Delivered  / f2f  /  Virtual  / e-book  / Video

See Contact Us to request more information

The Book

"The Art of B2B Questioning" is a teaching book, filled with innovative ideas, insights,

and practical applications.  All designed to help you achieve unprecedented results. 

infinity question.jpg
Front.Cover.The Art of B2B Questioning.2.22.18.BKnight.png

"The Art of B2B Questioning"

 How Do The "Best of the Best" Create Competitive Separation

It's CURIOSITY  Followed By

Intentful & Thought-Provoking Questions

Front.Cover.The Art of B2B Questioning.2.22.18.BKnight.png

The Greatest Sellers Have A Seemingly Infinite Number of Questions 

infinity question.jpg


This Book Provides the process, structure, and critical words required to construct; thought-provoking questions, questions that show empathy, questions that foreshadow an understanding of the buyers' business, questions that extend the thought process, questions that create new thoughts, questions that stir the imagination, questions that require prioritization & critical analysis, questions that suggest the Buyer is speaking with a relevant salesperson, questions that show genuineness & authenticity, questions that address situational & consequential scenarios, questions that let a Buyer know this is different than the last 4 conversations they had, questions that create Eureka moments and questions that get you remembered.  

New Content Added 2021

"One of the things I loved about this book was how it seems to have something for everyone.  Sellers new to the profession (or Millennials new to the world of selling) will get a lot of information that can change the trajectory of their sales or management career".

"Even 25 year Veterans  like  myself  will  also  find  a  lot  of  value,  ranging  from  the  simple  (new questions that spark a great idea) to the more complex (for me that was Bobby's point around,  "it's easier to change someone's thinking, than to change how they feel about something.")                                                                                                        Enjoy the read!  

                                                               Thomas C. Martin
                                                 Former President, North America, Miller Heiman, Inc.

​"The difference between knowledge and intelligence...

  one provides the right answer and the other the right question"



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