The Innovation For More Effective B2B Verbal Communication

Great Questioning

The most Over-looked & Under-developed sales skill in the world is keeping way too many Sellers from:

  • Unprecedented Sales Results

  • Submitting Accurate Forecasts

  • Freakishly Great Negotiations

  • Building Bodacious Pipelines

  • Being A Phenomenal Qualifier

  • Access To Critical Executives

  • Enjoying Peaceful Nights Sleep ​​

Asking More Effective Questions Is A Critical Sales Competency, Perhaps The Most Critical !

"One of the things I loved about this book was how it seems to have something for everyone.  Sellers new to the profession (or Millennials new to the world of selling) will get a lot of information that can change the trajectory of their sales or management career.

Even 25 year "Veterans"  like  myself  will  also  find  a  lot  of  value,  ranging  from  the  simple  (new questions that spark a great idea) to the more complex (for me that was Bobby's point around,  "it's easier  to change someones thinking, than to change how they feel about something.")   Enjoy the read!  

                                                                            Thomas C. Martin
                                                                          Former President, North America, Miller Heiman, Inc.


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"The difference between knowledge and intelligence...

  one provides the right answer and the other the right question"  

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