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        The Art of Asking Great B 2 B Questions

Teaching Executives At Esade* Business & Law School
Barcelona, Spain July 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020* 2021* (*Conducted Virtually)

      *Top 4  Executive Education Program In Europe (Financial Times)

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Bobby Knight Guest Faculty For  Delivering B2B  Management Program  

2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020* - 2021* (*virtual)

Typical Attendee Profile: Business Owners, CEOs, MDs, Startup/Scaleup Founders, VP Sales, and Reps of B2B companies  willing to transform their organizations to produce better, more predictable, and scalable businesses. 

Buyer-biased Behavior is defined by (3) distinct buyer observations, which occur mostly early cycle, and may negatively impact buyer/seller verbal communications.  #1, Unfortunately, because of previously poor interactions with too many average sellers, Buyers have become predisposed to believing that these sellers just wanted to "sell something" versus trying to truly understand the Buyer's challenges. The impact of this type of exchange is that  the Buyer feels the conversation is "more about the Seller and less about them". Translation... Buyer Value Is Not Fully Realized.  #2, Because of #1, Sellers end up dominating the majority of the conversation while spending a disproportional amount of time listening to the Buyer There is an old saying in sales, "the side that does the most talking gets to keep the product". Consequently, Buyers feel that Sellers are not very good at listening.  #3, because of #'s 1 & 2, Buyers are hesitant (personal risk) to introduce Seller to other relevant individuals.  The consequences of this scenario is the Seller does not get a full and rounded perspective on the issues & challenges.  Consequently, the full extent of the Sellers value-proposition is not realized, causing possible weaknesses during negotiations. In the years since becoming aware of "Buyer-biased Behavior", I’ve had the chance to interview Buyers at all levels.  When Buyers were asked, “how do you know that sellers don’t understand your business”, the overwhelming reply was,  “I can tell by the questions they ask (or don't ask) me"Currently, this one scenario is causing buyers to initially look at salespeople with a prudent and cautious eye, wondering to themselves... 

                                "Is this Rep different, do they truly understand our situation or are they just trying to sell us something"?  .

Relevant Background

     Over the last 25 years, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with some of the world's most successful sales organizations Aristocrat, Cisco, HP, IBM, along with a host of others.  These companies comprised a variety of industries, ranging from small to global enterprise companies, operating throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, India, Africa, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, S.Korea and the United Arab Emirates.  This work has focused on a broad range of disciplines; Opportunity & Account Management, Territory Planning, Negotiations, Sales Process, Talent Management, Inside Sales, Developing Partners & Alliances, and Management Development.

     My passion these last few years, in addition to teaching & consulting, has been focused on researching & developing curriculum on "the skill of advanced questioning". Having had the opportunity of observing, teaching and working with thousands of sellers and managers, one thing became quite clear; seller to buyer questioning, on a worldwide scale, is glaringly weak and clearly remains an undeveloped skill.  Few scenarios portrayed the sellers asking questions of depth and understanding about the buyers business, and most questions lacked the genuine and authentic interest of wanting to solve the customer’s problem.  This scenario is played out daily on a global scale and has become blatantly obvious to prospective buyers.  It is now so common that I've tagged it with a name... "B Cubed"                                                                                                                           

                                                                             B   -  Buyer-biased Behavior"     



How Do We Infuse Advanced Questioning Into Your Sales DNA ?
  • Conduct Questioning Audit

  • Integrate With Your LMS

  • Include Sales/Mgmt Groups

  • Extend To Pre/Post Sales Groups

  • Draft Into Sales Process 

  • Draft Into Existing Tools

  • SCORM Compliant e-Learning

  • F-2-F & Virtual Led Sessions

  • Integrates With Existing Methodologies

  • Incorporate Into Negotiations Process

  • Inside Sales

  • 2Question Reinforcement Tools 

50 / 50 Split Between Knowledge & Practical Application

"You Have To Know, Before You Can Do"  B Knight  2018

Presently:   Founder of Back9Negotiations, LLC . 

Presently:   Founder of 2Question, LLC, creators of 'A Master Class, The Art of Asking B2B Questions since 2016
Presently:   Guest Faculty, Esade Business & Law School focusing on the critical aspects of B2B Selling (2017-2018-2019- 2020- 2021)

Presently:   Annual Conference Speaker 

Presently:   Author of "The Art of Asking B2B Questions" (On Amazon, revised & new content added  October 2020)

Since 1990, I've enjoyed consulting (teaching & learning from) thousands of sales professionals throughout America, Canada, China, Japan, India, S. Korea,  Europe, Africa, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey and other WW locations.  I've benefited from acquired Global expertise with Sales Process, Account Management, Opportunity Management, and Partner & Alliance relationships.  Additional experiences include speaking at international kick offs, and teaching at the world acclaimed ESADE University Law & Executive Education Program, Barcelona Spain 2017, 2018, 2019, *2020, *2021 (*virtual teach) .

Additional life experiences include coaching youth sports, establishing the original “Soles for Souls”non-profit charity for single Mothers in San Jose/Los Gatos, California 1997, achieving my dream of playing professional baseball (San Diego Padres & New York Mets) organizations. 



2Question, LLC.

Founder Bobby Knight

Stepping Stones Along The Path

                      Previously: Program Facilitator with ForceManagement (10 years)

                      Previously: Western VP Sales, SPI, Inc. Sales Performance International

                      Previously: Business Partner with ThinkInc., a negotiations consulting & training company

                      Previously: Founder of NextLevel Consulting, LLC, a sales training & consulting firm (acquired in 2004)
                      Previously: 1of 4 original Consultants at OnTarget, creators of the internationally successful TAS 

                                         After a phenomenal 10 year run, OnTarget was acquired by Siebel Systems in 2000.

                      Previously: Board Member of SMT, the oldest Sales, Marketing, & Training organization in the USA