A Master Class
        "The Art of Asking Great B 2 B Questions"


  • Could this help address our issues with inaccurate forecasts & deal slippage? 

  • Does this "Learning"come with "budget friendly" fees?  (may be delivered virtually)

  • Does this come with minimal operational costs?

  • Does this easily ‘Draft In’ to existing Sales content?

  • Does this fit standard delivery model? (f2f - eLearning - blog -T3 - virtual)

  • Is the internal ramp up minimal?

  • Are results immediate, measurable and easily reinforced?

  • Is there a way for the 'Master Class' to be tested prior to acquiring?

  • How easily does 2Question programs align with our existing Methodologies?

  • Are there tools/reinforcement available to support our learning?

  • Are they available via online & mobile?

  • B-T-W, all of the above questions, from our perspective, are answered with YES!


Got Questions ?

We Got You Covered !

Still Curious?

Artist Beau Knight

Take The Challenge - - - A Self-assessment

You're on the honor system, so take off the rose colored glasses

Think through the following questions and rate the general effectiveness

of your questioning ability.

 The Simple Ratings Are: 

Never -- Rarely -- Sometimes -- Frequently -- Most of the time -- Always


                                                   --  generally lead to other questions?

                                          --  expand the idea being discussed and lead to a deeper discussion?

                                          --  consistently align within the context of respondents role & responsibility?

                                          --  move the Buyer out of their frame of reference in order to respond?

                                          --  require critical thinking before responding?

                                           --   require thinking beyond their initial statement of fact?

                                          --  create  or add more value to you - the buyer - both?

                                          --  serve to differentiate you from other sellers?

                                          --  demonstrate an understanding of the buyers' business & related challenges?

                                          --  require higher-order thinking before answering? ( analysis - comparison - evaluation)


If you answered 'most of the time' to the majority of these questions, congratulations, you should be experiencing a significantly higher close rate (40% plus) than your peers.  If that's true, well done.  There's a best seller book in your future!            If not, we're here to help !

       A Master Class
        The Art of Asking Great B 2 B Questions

What would have to be true for you/your organization
to consider looking into this further?

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"You will be remembered  (or forgotten) 

by the "quality" of your questions "  BKnight 2018



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