"The Art of B2B Questioning" is a teaching book, filled with innovative ideas, insights,

and practical applications.  All designed to help you achieve unprecedented results. 

In interviews with Buyers, it was revealed that decision-makers have a predisposition towards Sellers, believing that Sellers do not have a true understanding of their business.  When questioned why they believe Sellers don't understand their business, they overwhelmingly responded with...  

 "I can tell by the questions they ask me, and not only that, but they all sound the same".

To paraphrase an old Chinese proverb, "give a person a fish, feed them for a day", "teach a person how to fish, feeds them for a lifetime" is restated for Salespeople as, "give a seller a question from the company playbook, gets them through a meeting", "teach a Seller how to create purposeful, intentful and thought-provoking questions, helps them catch "the big fish" and sustains them through a phenomenal sales career".

"You Have To Know, Before You Can Do" bknight 2017

Innovation is critical to every business. Companies are either creating it or acquiring it. One would think, with all the financial investment in technical innovation, that sellers would be experiencing higher close rates.  Recent research has concluded, that across various industries over the last 30 years, close ratios have not changed or moved much beyond the range of 17- 29 %. (source: HubSpot)   . That suggests that only 3 out of 10 opportunities turn into revenue.

The curious among us might ask, "Why is that?"

Today's question should be, "Where is the innovation for the connection between real people, 

the innovation for more effective verbal communication between buyer & seller?" 

Ask yourself a couple more questions:

  • What's truly the root cause of Deal Slippage & Inaccurate Forecasts?

  • What's the primary cause for the lack of understanding of a Buyers BATNA? (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement)

  • Why do many sellers not know whether they are actually winning or losing, until, they have either won or lost?

"Curiosity followed by great questioning is a sure sign of intelligence" bknight 2017

Going Beyond The "Can you tell me " Questions

From The Visual To The Cerebral














        The Art of B2B Questioning  
            -- Critical Topics --

a)  The Significant Role That Questions Play In Selling & Life
b) The Two Faces of Lower Order Questions
c)  The Mona Lisa of Sales Skills, Higher Order Questioning
d)  Socratic Questioning In The 21st Century

e)  Getting 2 for 1 Answers With Two-sided Questions
   Stifling Competitors Via Isolation Questions
  Going Broad & Deep Using Funneling Questions
  Creating A Eureka Moment With Futuristic Questions
   Brainstorming In The Questioning Tree
j)   Words Matter - Structuring & Framing Great Questions 
k)  Becoming More Persuasive
l)   I’m Asking Great Questions, Now What…Listen!
m) Taking Off The Rose-colored Glasses, A Self-assessment    

 Bonus Chapter: Famous Paintings Influenced By Questions

This unique book teaches advanced questioning by combining learning with the visual stimulation from artists around the world, both the famous & the yet to be discovered.

"Like a rising tide lifts all boats, so to, Advanced Questioning elevates every aspect of selling"   BKnight 2018

This Book Provides the process, structure, and critical words required to construct; thought-provoking questions, questions that show empathy, questions that foreshadow an understanding of the buyers' business, questions that extend the thought process, questions that create new thoughts, questions that stir the imagination, questions that require prioritization & critical analysis, questions that suggest the Buyer is speaking with a relevant salesperson, questions that show genuineness & authenticity, questions that address situational & consequential scenarios, questions that let a Buyer know this is different than the last 4 conversations they had, questions that create Eureka moments and questions that get you remembered.  

    "Know a person clever by their answers but wise by their questions"

                                                                                                        Naguib Mahfouz  Nobel Prize Literature

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