Along The Way

Since 1990, I've sold to, consulted to, coached to, and facilitated to thousands of sales professionals through "all things sales".  My interactions with global sales organizations across ( The Americas, Brussels, Bangkok, Canada, China, Japan, India, Italy, Europe, South Korea, Africa, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Singapore, Dubai) have given me a unique sensitivity & understanding for selling in diverse cultures. It was during those years working with and observing sellers, that I began to recognize, on a global level, the general weakness inherent in the skill of B2B questioning.  That recognition ignited a curiosity, that took me to widespread research, and combined with my observations, led to developing the innovative curriculum, "A Master Class" focused on B2B Questioning, and ultimately this book.


Additional life experiences include coaching youth sports, establishing a non-profit charity for sheltered, single women with children, in San Jose, California (1997), international travel, trying to bring Zen-like qualities into my golf game, and developing a mindset of "lateral thinking".


  • Founder of 2Question, LLC, creator of "Advanced Questioning"- A Master Class 2017

  • Founder of Back9Negotiations, LLC.  "The Back 9", it's where the $$$ is made"

  • Author:  The Art of B2B Questioning, A Master Class  2017 (on Amazon updated content 2021)

  • Guest Faculty Professor ESADE University, Business & Law School/Barcelona (2017- 2021*virtual)

Once Upon A Time

  • One of original 4 Consultants at OnTarget, developers of TAS - Target Account Selling

  • Founder of NextLevel Consulting, LLC,  (sold company 2004)

  • Western VP Sales Cybrant Software

  • Facilitator with ThinkInc, negotiations training                 

  • Facilitator with ForceManagement creators of "Command of the Message"

  • Board Member of SMT, the oldest Sales, Marketing, & Training organization in the USA

Who is this guy?


"You will be remembered or forgotten

          by the quality of your questions"                                                                 B Knight 2018